bitcoin price: Bitcoin consolidates above the $30,000 with Rise in Positive Investor Sentiment


Bitcoin’s price remains near the $31,000 level, as bullish investors wait for further upward movement. Bitcoin’s positive investor sentiment has been boosted by notable financial institutions filing for Bitcoin ETFs, although the US SEC cited a lack of clarity and the need for additional information before reconsidering approval. Ethereum is trading close to the $2,000 level and has gained momentum above $1,920, while a reform bill in the UK has acknowledged crypto trading as a regulated financial activity. The best-performing cryptos include Compound, up by 80%, and the worst-performing include Conflux, down by 8%.

bitcoin price: Bitcoin consolidates above the $30,000 with Rise in Positive Investor Sentiment  0ET CONTRIBUTORSBitcoin’s recent trading activity may be range-bound, but that doesn’t diminish the impressive 84% surge it experienced in 2023. This significant recovery in Bitcoin’s price has also spurred buying activity in various altcoins, causing them to rise substantially from their annual lows. After reaching above the $31,000 mark on June 23, Bitcoin consolidated at $30,000 throughout the past week. It currently remains near the strong resistance level of $31,000, with neither bulls or bears taking control in the larger time frame.

To gain momentum, buyers must restore the rate to the $31,200 zone, potentially leading to a breakout above the $31,458 resistance level. This indicates that the bulls are not rushing to secure profits, as they expect further upward movement. Bulls have shown increased interest in Bitcoin recently, driven by the positive investor sentiment, which has been fueled by notable financial institutions such as BlockRock, Fidelity, Invesco, and WisdomTree filing for Bitcoin ETFs.

However, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) said these filings were inadequate last Friday, citing a lack of clarity and the need for additional information before reconsidering approval. Despite this news, BTC has maintained a positive stance well above the $30,000 level. BTC’s support level currently stands at $29,500. This week will feature significant economic events in the US, including the release of the FOMC minutes for June on Wednesday, the job openings report on Thursday, and new employment numbers on Friday, which may introduce some market volatility.

Meanwhile, Ethereum is trading in close proximity to the $2,000 level. Its price has gained momentum above $1,920, with immediate resistance found near $1,960 and then $2,000. Failing to surpass these resistance levels could initiate a downward correction. The current support level for Ethereum rests at $1,930.

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View Details »In an exciting turn of events, on Thursday the Financial Services and Markets Act, 2023 — a reform bill in the United Kingdom — received Royal Assent from King Charles, officially transforming it into a law. With the implementation of this legislation, crypto trading is now acknowledged as a regulated financial activity, signifying a momentous achievement in the regulatory realm of the crypto industry. After the Markets in Crypto Assets (MiCA), this progressive law in the UK aims to establish a robust regulatory framework that bolsters investor confidence and encourages innovation within the crypto sector. By introducing clear rules and guidelines, it fosters a secure and transparent environment for crypto-related activities, thereby attracting increased participation from investors and businesses alike.

Coming to the price action, among the top 100 cryptos by market cap, here are the best and worst-performing ones over the past week:

As per prices on Monday.

Top 5 crypto gainers during the week:
1. Compound is up by 80%
2. Bitcoin Cash is up by 53%
3. eCash is up by 52%
4. Flow is up by 36%
5. Bitcoin SV is up by 32%

Top 5 crypto losers this week:
1. Conflux is down by 8%
2. ApeCoin is down by 8%
3. NEAR Protocol is down by 7%
4. Kava is down by 6%
5. Sui is down by 6%

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