Bitcoin Price Today 23 Feb: BTC Rise By 1.20% And Is Near Trading At 25000 Again

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Bitcoin Price Today: Bitcoin and other Altcoins are seeing a jump yet again today. As of writing, Bitcoin price increased by 1.20% in the last 24 hours.

The global crypto market cap stands at 1.11 trillion USD, an increase of 1.58% over the past day. The total crypto market volume in the last 24 hours decreased by 10.57% and is currently at 61.24 billion USD.

Bitcoin (BTC) increases by 1.20%

The world’s largest crypto, Bitcoin increases by 1.20% in the last 24 hours, thus, taking the market cap to 470.94 billion USD. Each BTC is trading for 24,400 USD. The crypto is seeing a boost and reaches near the 25k mark yet again. Traders are ecstatic about the bitcoin rally as the token has been taking a jump in the last week.

Trading volume in the last 24 hours is down by 11.88%. The dominance of Bitcoin has increased by 0.01% as compared to the previous day and stands at 42.47%.Bitcoin Price Today 23 Feb: BTC Rise By 1.20% And Is Near Trading At 25000 Again0Source: coinmarketcap

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In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin was as high as 24,572 USD and fell to as low as 23,644 USD. In the past week, the token was also trading for as high as 25,134 USD. This came as a great sign as Bitcoin seems to be bullish and is rallying.

Price of Bitcoin in different countries:

BTC Price in India

Each BTC can be bought in Indian currency for INR 20,19,624.

BTC Price in Singapore

For the people of Singapore, each BTC is currently costing 32,703 Singapore dollar.

BTC Price in Dubai

The price of each BTC in Dubai is 89,623 UAE Dirham.

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Updated: 02/23/2023 — 05:00

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