Bitcoin’s $30k Surge Sparks $145M Worth Of Liquidations

Bitcoin 5 h    Reading time: ~2 m The liquidations were mostly from traders who held short positions against BTC and other cryptocurrencies, with 37,332 traders being liquidated. The most significant liquidation was a $2.2 million BTC-USD short position on ByBit, but other liquidated assets include Ethereum and Arbitrum, with $29.71 million and $4.11 million, respectively. Polygon and Litecoin also recorded liquidations, with $2.31 million and $2.27 million, respectively. Bitcoin's $30k Surge Sparks $145M Worth Of Liquidations 20 Source: Coinglass

Notably, most of the liquidations occurred on Huobi, Binance, and ByBit, which accounted for 73% of the overall liquidations. Of these, 83% were short positions. This indicates that many traders were betting against Bitcoin’s rally and losing out.

Interestingly, fears of another U.S. banking crisis fuel the new Bitcoin rally. First Republic Bank shares plunged by more than 29% after news emerged that its deposits fell 40% in 22 days. Meanwhile, the U.S. government appears unwilling to intervene in the First Republic rescue process as it did with Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank in March. The government took over those banks to prevent further contagion to the broader economy. This has led to speculation that the government may not intervene this time, causing some investors to turn to Bitcoin as a hedge against potential economic turmoil.

Sentiments in the market have been mainly positive, with some experts predicting that Bitcoin’s price might reach around $45,000 by the end of this year. Matrixport chief researcher Markus Thielen said, “As the US 10 year bond yield has started to trade below 3.5%, we can assume that inflation will be a big tailwind for risk assets – notably Bitcoin.” This suggests that Bitcoin may continue to be a popular investment option for those seeking to protect their assets against inflation.

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Updated: 04/27/2023 — 04:00

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